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   The twin vistas of the Bay and of the city of Erie from this favorite on Dobbins Landing could itself have been the subject of a Jimmy Buffet song. The crowd is casual and in the mood to enjoy themselves - whether dining or just relaxing in the comfy, nautical bar. The laid-back atmosphere does not, however, extend to the kitchen where seafood and American classics like Langostino-Crab Cakes, and Slow-Roasted Prime Rib are meticulously prepared. Appetizers are a special pleasure at Smugglers' with Ray's "Famous" Coconut Shrimp and Artichoke Seafood Melt among the most rewarding.
  The Great Lakes Erie Yellow Perch alone is worth the trip - whether you arrive by land or, as many hungry lake sailors have done, by sea. And don't forget - if you're planning a special party, Smugglers' knows how to make an occasion extra-special.
Smugglers Wharf

            Dobbins Landing






  Bicentennial Tower

 Erie's beautiful Bayfront almost had it all, but was in need of one defining element, a focal point; this 187-foot tower, located at Dobbins Landing, provides just that. Built to commemorate the 1995 celebration of the city's 200th birthday, the tower has proven to be a popular gathering spot for residents and tourists alike. Two observation decks are attainable by elevator, or stairs give visitors breathtaking views of Presque Isle and its bay to the north and the sweep of Erie's historic downtown to the south. Souvenirs and food are available at Niagara Concessions in the tower lobby.


Oliver H. Perry

As the dinner-hour would occur at the probable time of action, the thoughtful Perry ordered refreshments to be distributed. Then every man was placed in proper position.
As the squadron moved slowly and silently toward the enemy, with a gentle breeze, at the rate of less than three knots, the Niagara, Captain Elliott, leading the van, it was discovered that Barclay had made a disposition of his force that required a change in Perry’s prescribed order of battle. It was instantly made, and the American squadron moved to the attack in the order best calculated to cope with the enemy.


 U.S. Brig Niagara         

Presque Isle           







  • Presque Isle State Park
    • French for "almost an island"
    • 3,200 acre peninsula
    • 7-miles of beaches, 11-miles of hiking trails, 13-mile (expanded from 10-miles) paved Multi-purpose National Recreation Trail
    • Winter- popular for cross-country skiers, ice fisherman, ice skaters
    • 4 million visitors each year
    • Field & Stream magazine- named park as Top 20 destination
    • Birder's World magazine- one of the country's top birding spots
    • 423 species of birds have been spotted in the park
    • Conde Nast's Traveler magazine- Top 100 Swimming Holes
    • National Natural Landmark due to its unique ecological composition
      • Plant life develops on bare sand, progresses through distinct stages until becoming a forest
  • Smugglers Wharf
    3 State Street
    Erie, Pennsylvania 16507




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